Penalties for Leaving Games in Atlas Reactor

When you leave during the middle of a match it causes issues for all members of your team, and makes the game less fun for the remaining players in the game. Due to this, we have penalties built into Atlas Reactor that will lock you out if you leave a game or disconnect while the game is loading up.

  • When a player dodges their first a ranked match, they are locked out of queuing for Ranked matches for 3 minutes.
  • If a player dodges a second Ranked match within 20 hours of the first dodge, they are locked out of Ranked matches for 20 minutes.
  • If the player dodges further ranked matches within 20 hours, they are locked out of Ranked matches for 1 hour per additional dodge.

We understand that connection problems do occur or you may have had a valid reason to leave the game, which is why the penalty is less severe if this only happens very rarely. The customer service team is unable to remove or overturn these penalties.