Using the new log in through Steam feature with Glyph

Recently we have updated Glyph to allow you to login directly with Steam so that you don't need to create a Trion account to play Atlas Reactor.

I use the new log in though Steam but I don't see my stuff?

If you are using the new log in though steam feature and you don't see your normal freelancers or items, then either you need to login with a different steam account or the original Trion account to see your freelances and items. If you need additional assistance click here to submit a support request. Make sure to include your Steam ID, Steam name, and Glyph Tag so we can assist with finding the correct account.

My Steam purchase is on the wrong account?

If you recently purchased something from and then logged in the wrong steam account you will need to contact customer support to assist with moving the purchase to the correct account. Click here to submit a support request make sure to include your Steam ID and Steam name you used to purchase the game and your Glyph Tag.

How do I upgrade my Steam linked account?

If you would like to upgrade your Steam account to a Trion account please see the Upgrading Your Steam Account (Atlas Reactor) article.