Glyph Beta Program

What is it?
Glyph Beta is an opt-in option for external users to receive Glyph updates before they are released to the general community. This will provide these users early access to new Glyph features as they become available.

How do I opt-in?
There is a new option located in the Advanced section of the Glyph Client settings window. To participate just check the box next to Glyph Beta Opt-In. Once selected, you can close and reopen your client. At this point, Glyph will update automatically to the new Beta version of Glyph.




How do I submit feedback?
Please submit any feedback or concerns to Including the version number (located in the General Settings Section of Glyph) plus a copy of the GlyphClient.0.log file located in the AppData folder ( …\AppData\Local\Glyph\Logs) in your correspondence is not required but will provide very useful information to our engineers to help diagnose any issues you may have.


How do I opt out?
Should you no longer want to participate in the program, you can reverse the opt-in steps, by unchecking the opt-in box next to Glyph Beta Opt-In. Close and reopen your client, and Glyph will automatically revert your version to the same build available to the general community.