ArcheAge Paid Character Transfers

If you are looking for a change of scenery or want to check out a new server community, you can use our Character Transfer service. There are some limitations to who can transfer and depending on population servers will be made available/unavailable for transfers. Additional restrictions on transfers can be found below:

  • Characters cannot be transferred across regions
  • Your character cannot be online when you apply for a transfer
  • Your character cannot have any marketplace or in-game mail
  • Your character cannot have any items listed on the auction house
  • Your character cannot own any land
  • Your character cannot have a dry dock under construction
  • Your character cannot be queued for deletion
  • Your character must be level 10 or higher
  • Your character cannot own any Siege Scrolls (server specific items)
  • You may not be a member of a guild or a family. 
  • Transfer cooldown is 30 days
  • Only the items equipped to your character, in their inventory, and in their warehouse will be transferred
  • Storage chests will have to unpack their chests if they wish to transfer those items

You can transfer via the account management page by clicking here and logging in to your account. Each character transfer will cost your account 2700 credits.