Scamming in Defiance

What is scamming?

Scamming is what happens when another player takes advantage of your misplaced trust or lack of knowledge of the game around you. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to prepare and protect yourself from being taken advantage of by others, and you can do so by being informed and altogether untrusting of strangers.

Is scamming illegal?

No, scams that take advantage of a player's trust or lack of knowledge do not violate any in-game mechanics, and are not actioned by the In-Game Support team. No matter how vile the scam may be, Customer Support is unable to compensate players for losses due to legal scams, nor will In-Game GMs be able to action the terrible practitioner of the act.

How can I defend myself against scams?

The solution is to remain practical and refrain from placing your trust in players that you are not 100% familiar with. Use the following tips to help you avoid these traps in game.

Don't be too trusting.

Realize that the possibility of anyone betraying you is real. If you want to keep your items and currency, be careful about whom you trust.

Never reveal account or personal information.

We go through great efforts to make sure your account is as secure as possible from outside intrusions. What we cannot prevent is players legally obtaining your login information, or information that can allow them to scam your character. Make sure to avoid revealing any of this information to anyone, EVER. The Customer Support team will never ask for your personal password.

Be wary of deals that sound too good to be true.

The age old adage holds true for Defiance; if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. These deals are meant to attract players to scams that will leave them with everything and you with nothing.

When performing a deal with another player of any kind, take it slow. Make sure that money is exchanging hands properly, and you are not getting duped out of your items because you haven't checked what is being traded.