Customizing Ships in ArcheAge

These are the ship customization locations for each faction:

  • Western - Two Crowns
  • Eastern - Solis Highlands
  • Pirates - Growlgate Isle
  • All players - Diamond Shores

In order to make any changes to your ship you must be in these specific areas. The location will be marked on your map by a large green circle. Within these areas you will also find a Shipyard Workbench, which can be used to craft many of the items used in customizing your ship.

To make changes to your ship you must first summon it and then take control of the Steering Wheel. From here, click on the '?' icon to bring up the ships details and inventory. There are many area of the ship that can be changed or added to. Please be aware that along with changing out parts, you are also be able to remove parts from your boat entirely. Doing so can have a large impact on the effectiveness of your ship. For instance, if you remove the boat's rudder, you will be unable to turn the ship at all.

With these additional customization options, the functionality of ships have also been changed. Ships will now be damaged when they hit whirlpools, other ships or even land. Ships will also now be effected by the number of people and components that are aboard the ship. If there are too many people the ship it may move very slowly or not at all.

Whenever a player or NPC boat is destroyed it will sink to the bottom of the ocean and leave a shipwreck. In some cases, these can be found and accessed by players to get a variety of rewards.