Defiance Alcatraz Update FAQ

New Zone: Alcatraz

To get to Alcatraz for the first time, you will need to accept a mission located at Coit Tower. This mission will lead to the island. Once completed, you can simply fast travel to Alcatraz.

Additional vendors have been added to Alcatraz:

  • Supply Vendor
  • Lock Box Vendor
  • Ammo Crate
  • Armor Repair Station
  • Echelon Vendor
  • Chimera Vendor
  • Paradise Territory Vendor
  • Thorn Liro Vendor
  • 7th Legion Vendor
  • Defiant Few Vendor
  • Tarr Family Vendor
  • Top Notch Toolworks Vendor
  • Soleptor Enterprises Vendor
  • Von Bach Industries Vendor

Inventory Salvage

You can now perform Salvage Matrix operations from the inventory screen. To do this, simply right-click or press right trigger to access the in-line salvage operations.



Expeditions are new, evolving co-op matches that pit players against increasingly tough enemies for ever-increasing rewards.

When you start an Expedition, you'll be placed into a series of matches based on your EGO rating. These matches are broken up into difficulty "Tiers" to best challenge all ark hunters who participate. For example, a rating 700 hunter might enter a Tier 3 Expedition while a rating 5000 hunter would enter at Tier 19.

Expedition Tier rating determines the power level and rank of the enemies you will face, as well as the quality of the gear you will discover in Expedition reward rooms (higher Tiers lead to greater potential rewards). The Tier you will start with is determined by the EGO rating of your group leader, so be mindful of the challenge you will face before entering. A word of warning: ark hunters are not boosted up in power to match the dangers presented in Expeditions, but high-powered ark hunters will be scaled down to face the challenges of lower Tiers!

In addition to Tiers, a new "Round" tracker shows how many Expeditions you've completed in a row. After completing an Expedition, you will be transported back to Alcatraz to rearm, regroup, and purchase gear. But don't dawdle! Once returned to Alcatraz, you only have five minutes to resume your Expedition run and continue your streak. Defeating your current Tier gives you access to the next while incrementing the rewards you'll receive. The best gear in Expeditions can only be found on the third Round or higher, so be sure to return to the Expedition quickly or you will miss out!

Hunter Requisitions

Joining an Expedition costs a Hunter Requisition - or "Hunter Req" for short - which are available both for Bits and as login rewards.

If you've fallen in combat without an available revive, you can spend a Hunter Req to refresh your cooldown and continue the fight. Choosing to Extract, on the other hand, returns you to Alcatraz and ends your Expedition (though you can spend another Req to start a new run).

Note: In Expeditions, reviving your fellow players now requires - and consumes - your own self-revive, which dramatically increases the risk, tension, and mounting difficulty of each encounter!

Cyber Rigs

A new type of equipment - as part of the Alcatraz Update. These customizable implants allow you to push beyond your normal capabilities and ready yourself for Expeditions.

Each Cyber Rig can house up to 16 Cyber Chips - modules that add charge to your rig and modify its performance to suit your needs. Charge is used to power an additional set of (up to four) innate abilities that come built into your rig. More powerful abilities require more charge (and thus more chips) to activate.

In addition to adding charge, Cyber Chips impart their own boosts to your rig. There are five different types of chip: chips that provide offensive benefits, chips that provide defensive benefits, chips that enhance your longevity in a fight, chips that provide miscellaneous or non-combat benefits, and keystone chips that enhance EGO abilities. Each type of chip has a unique shape and will only fit into slots of the same type on your rig.

Keystone Chips

Most rigs are built for general-purpose use and have a fairly even mix of chip slots. Keystone chips are the exception: a rig can hold a single keystone chip, and even then, keystone slots only appear on top-end rigs.

Some top-end rigs are also specialized for offensive or defensive combat. These rigs feature more offensive or defensive chip slots and related rig abilities.

Cyber Chips

Many rigs come pre-slotted with a selection of Cyber Chips so when you find a rig, you can immediately load it up and start using it. To get the most out of your rig, though, you'll want to fill up its remaining slots. You can replace any chip in a rig with another chip, but if you want to remove a chip without destroying it, you'll need to use a special Chip Puller tool (available from the Bit Store).

Trading Cyber Rigs and Chips

Cyber Rigs and chips cannot be traded, but they can be broken down into Silicon Shards. These shards are accepted as currency by a merchant in Alcatraz who peddles in specialized rigs and chips.