ArcheAge Achievements

The achievement system will allow you to track your progress within the game in a variety of areas. There are 3 different sections to the achievement UI, which can be accessed by pressing V: Merit Quests, Level-Based and General. Many Merit Quests and achievements will also award Merit Badges, these are physical items that will go into your inventory and not be listed as a currency within the Marketplace. They can be used to purchase a variety of items from the Award section of the Market place, click on Merit Badge tab in the Award section. The rewards will be listed along the right side of the achievement and you can track your progress by clicking on the checkbox to add it to your Ambitions list.


In the first tab, labelled Merit Quests, you will find daily tasks to earn Merit Badges. Once you activate them, it will unlock a quest that will be added to a separate tab in your quest tracker. These quests will cover a variety of different activities throughout the world.


In the second tab, labelled Level-Based, you will find a variety of achievements that are set up for specific level ranges. These are meant to provide a guide for normal progress as you level up.


In the third tab, labelled General, you will find the vast majority of the achievements available in-game. These will be much more in depth and will cover all aspects of the game.