Wardrobe Update in RIFT 3.2: Echoes of Madness

The wardrobe has been completely changed to allow players to unlock styles instead of using actual items. You will unlock these styles by obtaining items that use that style. All items you have currently will automatically unlock the corresponding style. As many items use the same style as others, several of the styles will have generic names and may be unrelated to the name of the item that you used to unlock it. These styles will unlock once you log into the character that has the item and will be unlocked for your all characters for that region.

With this new system dyes have also been changed significantly. Instead of using individual dyes, you will now be able to permanently unlock a specific color dye through the wardrobe system. If you still have dyes in your inventory, you will be able to use them as normal.


Your old wardrobe items will be removed from the wardrobe and mailed to you. The style and dye of the item will be chosen automatically based on the style and dye of the item you had in the slot previously. This means that you will still have all the outfits you made previously, they will simply be converted into the new system.


The wardrobe will be in the same place it was previously (Press 'C' and click on the wardrobe tab), however how it works is different.

  1. Open the wardrobe tab
  2. Click one of the sets along the bottom
  3. Click on the slot you want to change
  4. Choose a style from the ones you have available
  5. Once you have chosen a style you will see 2 dye slots
  6. Click on the dye slot you want to change (1st slot is primary and 2nd slot is secondary)
  7. Choose the dye you want to use
  8. Click on the Wardrobe set along the bottom once again and choose 'Save'

If you want to unlock more dyes you can right-click on the color you want to unlock and pay a small amount of credits.


Weapon styles have been included in this wardrobe revamp and no longer request Transfiguration Baubles. Transfiguration Baubles will still work as normal, but will no longer be sold with the addition of this new system. You will be able to set a style for 1 handed, off hand, shield, 2 handed and ranged in your style, however only the slots you actually have equipped will display on your character. This means that if you have two one-handed weapons equipped, the 1 hand and offhand wardrobe items will display. If you have a shield equipped, the shield will display. You will be unable to display a 2 handed weapon while having 1 handed weapons equipped.


Unfortunately we do not have record of every item that has been deleted in the game and were unable to lock items that are no longer in the possession of your character. Most styles can be found on the store or if it is a quest reward, it can be completed on an alternate character to unlock it. The customer service department will be unable to restore old items that were previously deleted.

More information on the new wardrobe system can be found here.