Contacting gamigo US Support

To contact gamigo US Customer Support, click 'Submit a Request' at the top. If that button is not available, click 'Sign In' at the top and log in with your Glyph account.

For the quickest response time and resolution possible, make sure to fully fill out the ticket submission and include all relevant information in your initial request.

First you must select the appropriate form (What kind of issue would you like assistance with?)

  • Account Recovery - If you do not have access to your account, and are attempting to regain access
  • Unable to purchase - If you are having issues making a real money purchase, such as your card is being declined or your payment method is not being accepted
  • Glyph Account Issues - All other account specific issues, such as updating your email address or your Patron not working
  • Report a Player Code of Conduct - If you are reporting another player for a violation
  • In-Game Issues - For all issues relating to in-game content, such as lost items or quest issues
  • Technical Issues - Any issues you are experiencing connecting, launching, or patching the actual game or Glyph client
  • Account Deletion - If you are requesting to have your account deleted, if you have a long history with the game we may respond to confirm prior to deleting

Once you have selected the appropriate form, a series of drop-downs and boxes will appear below for you to fill in. All of them should be filled in in order to accelerate response time and resolution. We have included some of the most important fields below as an example:

  • Subject - This will be a brief description of your issue, if it is a common issue this field can be used to quickly identify it and get the ticket expedited. So for example if you are having an issue with a specific quest, you would want to include that quest name here as well
  • Description - This should be the largest section of your ticket and will contain all detailed information about your issue. Just to make sure that we do not need to collect more information, you should try and include as much relevant information as you can in this section. Even if you put certain details in the subject or in other fields, it is good to also repeat them here. We have included some typical information that would be good below:
    • Character/Account names
    • Platform/Region/Server
    • Item/Quest/Achievement/Product/etc exact names
    • Exact issue you are experiencing and what you expected to occur
    • Time frame the issue occurred
    • Any other relevant information to the issue at hand
  • Product - Make sure to select the appropriate game. If you select the wrong game it will have to be forwarded to the appropriate team once the ticket is reached and this can massively increase the time it takes to respond
  • Attachments - If you are experiencing a technical issue you can attach a DXDIAG report here or if you have any screenshots of the issue this is a perfect place for them and can be very helpful