Diamond Shores - Library Overview

With the Secrets of Ayanad update, we opened up the Diamond Shores and Ayanad Library. The Library and its entrances are safe zones, while Diamond Shores is a normal PvP zone, like the other zones of Auroria. For more details on this you can view our community article here.

There are 3 separate portals to zone into the Library, one for each faction.

  • North Portal - Nuian/Elf (west continent)
  • East Portal - Hariharan/Ferre (east continent)
  • South Portal - Pirates

There are 3 levels to the library, and in order to access them you will need to level up.

  • Dimension 1 - Level 50
  • Dimension 2 - Level 51
  • Dimension 3 - Level 53

The library itself is made to be a maze and can be very confusing to navigate. You will only be able to exit the Library and return to Diamond Shores from the Encyclopedia Room. If you are in the Libris Garden, you will need to locate the portal to the Introspect Path and from there you can take the portal to the Encyclopedia Room.