RIFT Loyalty Overview

With the release of Update 2.3, we introduced an all new loyalty system, and as a result, the old Veteran Rewards system was replaced. The previous veteran rewards have been rolled into our new loyalty system, however the bags of Vials will no longer be rewarded to new characters you create. You can access your rewards using the Loyalty button in the RIFT Store pictured below. There are many ways to gain Loyalty in RIFT, such as buying credits, spending credits, using REX, subscribing, and finding Loyalty consumables that drop out in the world on very rare occasions. Each Credit you gain will give 2 Loyalty, each Credit you spend will also give 2 Loyalty, and you will receive 7,000 Loyalty for each month you subscribe.

The Loyalty meter is located next to the Loyalty button. This bar will track your current loyalty progress and will increase as you do things to gain Loyalty.

The colored bubbles on the meter are the Loyalty tiers that can be attained. Clicking on each bubble will allow you to view the rewards that are related to each level of Loyalty. Please be aware that each level of Loyalty will start again at 0.

As you gain Loyalty, you will be granted rewards. These can be found on the home page of the RIFT Store. A section in the top left will appear where you can claim any items you have been awarded; an example is pictured below. All items you gain from Loyalty, including Veteran merchant upgrades, will be sent to the 'Claim Items' section of the RIFT Store.

For current and former subscribers, we will be awarding 7,000 Loyalty, which fills the Loyalty bar shown above, for each month of subscription you paid for prior to June 12th. This includes multi-month subscriptions that extend far past June 12th.

For more information on Loyalty, please review our Community post here.