Unattended Gameplay in RIFT Warfronts

Warfronts are designed to pit opposing factions against each other in a selected arena of combat.  Because there are a set number of players per side, each player is expected to assist their team to victory.  As a result, if you queue for and join Warfronts, you are expected to participate.  If you are constantly AFK in Warfronts or use a 3rd-party program to play the game while you are not at your keyboard, your account will face punitive action.

Depending on the severity of the violation, your account may be subject to suspension, currency/Favor removal, or even a full character roll-back. Please be aware that we take this matter very seriously.

We understand that players need to go AFK from time to time; however, continued non-participation for the purpose of personal gain is not condoned and will not be tolerated by Trion Worlds.