RIFT Dimensions Overview

Dimensions are a new feature introduced with the RIFT Storm Legion expansion. They offer a way for players and guilds to build their own personal dimensions to serve as homes and meeting places that you can customize with items you find in the world.

Accessing the Dimensions Window

You can access the Dimensions window anywhere in-game by pressing the "[" key. This key will bring up the Dimensions window which will display your active Dimensions. From here you can:

  • View your active and inactive Dimensions
  • View your other character's Dimensions
  • View your Guild's Dimensions
  • View Public Dimensions

Setting Permissions for your Dimension

While in your dimension you and your alts will always have access to make changes to Dimensions you own. You can allow or restrict other people with varying levels of access to your Dimension. You can restrict the access level of your dimensions by the following levels:

  • Enter only
  • Move items
  • Place items
  • Pickup items (NOTE: People will be able to remove items from your Dimension)

You can assign these levels of access to the following groups of players:

  • Private (Just you and your alts)
  • Friends
  • Guild
  • Everyone

How to Customize your Dimension

In order to enter Edit Mode in a dimension that you have permission to edit, click the wrench button located in the middle of the dimension toolbar.

Placing an Item

When an item is pulled from inventory and dropped in the dimension, you will enter Edit Mode. The item will appear and you can choose the general area it will be placed. Once an item is placed, you can edit its precise XYZ coordinates by using the red, blue, and green arrows to move it in any direction. This option can also be chosen by pressing "1" while in edit mode. General placement of an item can be moved by pressing 4 in edit mode. The selected item can then be placed using the mouse. Holding Ctrl and using mousewheel will provide extra functionality in each edit mode. Press Esc to undo last action. This usage only allows for one level of undo while editing.


Rotating Items

To rotate an item press "2" while in edit mode. With the item selected, three circles will be displayed. Click one of the colored circles to rotate the item.


Resizing an Item

Items can also be scaled to be larger or smaller than normal. In edit mode, press 3 to activate scaling. When scaling, a red line ending with a box will be attatched to the item. Click on the red box and move it either closer to the item to make it smaller, or away to make it grow. Items can only be scaled to a certain point.


Editing Groups of Items

Pressing 5 in edit mode will automatically pick up the selected item. Ctrl+D will automatically copy the scale, rotation, and general placement of the selected item, as long as you have another of the same item in your inventory. Hold Shift and click objects to multi-select items. Items can now be moved, rotated, and placed as a group. Hold Alt and click an object to remove it from the selection.

Placed Items and Moving Crate

While in your dimension, you can view the full list of items placed in the dimension. On the dimension toolbar, press the left notepad button. This will open the Placed Items window. Any item on the list can be selected and edited.

This window also provides access to the Moving Crate. A character will start with 2 dimension slots, and can purchase more through the dimension UI. You can have as many active dimensions as you have dimension slots. Once you fill all of your dimension slots and a new dimension is activated, all items in the old dimension are packed up into the Moving Crate.. You can then open the Moving Crate list and select items for placement in your new dimension.


Guild Dimensions

Guild Dimensions are unlocked at a specific guild level and once unlocked, can be purchased using funds from the Guild Bank. Permissions are set by rank much like your normal guild rank permissions. The only access levels are 'Guild Only' or 'Public' at this point.