PvP Camping in RIFT

PvP Camping refers to players continually killing opposing faction members where they resurrect for an extended period of time.  While PvP is highly encouraged in RIFT, players have mixed emotions about PvP Camping.  Ways to combat and/or avoid PvP Camping differ between PvE and PvP servers.

PvE Servers:

We advise remaining un-flagged for PvP combat if you do not wish to PvP (you will be flagged for PvP when attacking an enemy player who is flagged for PvP or when you assist a friendly player who is flagged for PvP with buffs or healing).  In addition, please use extreme caution in contested areas, where certain quests, NPCs, and enemy-controlled zones can flag you for PvP, even on a PvE server.

If you do become flagged and are killed by another player, simply wait five minutes for your PvP flag to turn itself off.  Players who are not flagged for PvP cannot be directly engaged by other players in combat.

PvP Servers:

If you play on a PvP server, killing other players is encouraged!  If you have fallen prey to camping, we advise rallying your fellow realm mates to your cause in a bid to defeat the opposing faction or attempting to make a daring escape from the situation.  If you do not wish to PvP, we suggest that you try and steer clear of contested zones, as they are usually a hotbed for cross-faction conflict.

If you feel that the PvP rules in RIFT should be changed in any way, please submit all of your feedback to the "Bugs/Feedback" tab of the In-Game Support Menu.  This forwards your feedback directly to our development team for further review.