The RIFT Barbershop Overview

What is the Barbershop?

The Barbershop is a new feature in RIFT that will allow for you to change your character's physical features after you have already created your character.

Talking to the Barbershop NPCs will open a character interface, much like the character customization screen during character creation.

How can I find the Barbershop?

The Barbershop is located in your faction's main city (Sanctum for Guardians and Meridian for Defiants) and can be found on your MiniMap by locating the barber pole.

For Guardians: The Barbershop is located at the back-end of Sanctum, in Mariel-Taun's Villiage, and the NPCs name is Filippo <Stylist>.

For Defiants: The Barbershop is located in Epoch Plaza in Meridian, near the Porticulum Master, and the NPC name is Alexa <Stylist>.

Right click on the Stylist NPC in order to start the process of changing how your character looks.

How much does the Barbershop Cost?

Each element of your character's physical appearance will cost a different amount, so depending on what changes you wish to make, the cost can vary. Simple changes such as hair color are fairly inexpensive, while more dramatic changes such as height or face shape are significantly more expensive.

After each change is made, the cost will be displayed at the bottom of the feature change screen. Underneath this total, you will also find your character's total coin for quick reference.

If you do not like the changes made, each section has an individual reset button to the right, or you can start all over by pressing the "Reset All" button.

Remember, while you are making these changes you can rotate your character by holding down the left mouse button and dragging to the left or to the right. You can also zoom in and out on your character by scrolling your mouse scroll wheel forward and backwards.

Once you are happy with the changes you made, click the purchase button at the bottom of your screen and the changes will immediately reflect on your character.

If you find that you do not wish to change your character at all, you can click on the cancel button at the bottom of the screen, or simply hit the "Esc" key.

What if I make a mistake? Can a GM help me restore my character's features?

Unfortunately, In-Game Support cannot currently revert the changes made to your character. However, if you submit a ticket to In-Game Support using the /cs command in-game, we will be happy to review your issue. In-Game Support can offer a one-time courtesy refund of coin spent on an ill-fated trip to the Barbershop.

How often can you use the Barbershop?

The Barbershop can be used as many times as you please.

Will I be able to change my character's gender or race in the Barbershop?

Yes. In the Barbershop window you will see all of the different race/gender combinations that you can purchase with credits. 

Will I be able to change my class in the Barbershop?

At this time, the Barbershop does not have a class change feature.

What level do I have to be in order to use the Barbershop?

The Barbershop can be used at any level.