RIFT Soul System Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a Soul?

You can choose a different Soul by pressing ‘N’ and clicking on the icon for the Soul. This brings up a list of the available Souls you can switch to. You will be unable to switch out one of your Souls unless you have 0 points spent in that Soul. If you see the Purpose (preset) screen when you open your Soul menu, you can click the close button in the bottom right to make your own unique Soul build.

Can I change to a different calling (Warrior, Cleric, Rogue, Primalist, or Mage)?

Once you've created your character and chosen a calling, you're unable to change it again. To play with a different calling, you'll need to create a new character.

How do I choose a Purpose?

The Purpose system is the prebuilt Soul setups that provide a guide for how to spend your Soul Points. You chose one of these during character creation, but you can change them at any time. You can reset your points at any time by visiting a Trainer, and you can only change your Purpose if you have no points spent. Once you do that, you can click on the ‘Presets’ button in the Soul Tree, find the Purpose you want to use, and then click 'Select.'

How do I change my Soul setup (talents)?

There are a couple ways you can change your Soul setup, however you will be unable to do this until you reach level 10 in-game.

  1. Visit a class trainer (found in major cities/hubs) and choose the option to ‘Reset My Souls’. Once you do that you can begin putting your points back in. If you want to choose a new Preset, remember to click on the 'Presets' button before beginning to fill in your Soul Tree.
  2. Visit a class trainer and choose the option to ‘Purchase a new Role’. This will unlock an additional Role slot which you can switch to anytime you are out of combat. This can be filled in using any of the Souls/Presets that you wish.

If you are a Patron you can summon a class trainer at any time using your Patron abilities found in your Ability book ('P' by default).


How do I use additional Roles I purchase?

You can access all of your Roles in your Soul Tree by pressing ‘N’ and then clicking on the ‘Roles’ button. This will show your available Roles, and you can select the one you want to switch to by clicking ‘Activate’ in the bottom right of the Soul Tree. These Roles are also numbered 1-20 and can be switched to using the /role command. For example:

  • /role 5

Why won’t it let me put points where I want?

The Purpose system is in place in order to guide you to Soul builds that are widely used and are useful to many players. You can override this system by clicking on a talent outside of the recommended one. Once you do that you will see a popup like the one below:


Click on ‘OK’ and it will place that point where you chose. Once you do this, hit 'Save', and then exit the Soul UI, you will no longer be following a preset build and will have to make all choices for spending Soul Points.

Where can I find guides for Souls?

The RIFT community is very active in creating and maintaining guides for every class. Please visit our guide forums for more information.

Why can’t I access certain Souls?

We do offer many soul options for each class, however there are some souls for each class that you must purchase to unlock. In order to obtain these souls you must purchase the soul pack from the RIFT Store. You can access it by clicking ‘]’ and then on the 'Services' tab.

Why can’t I spend all my points in one Soul Tree?

Every third level you gain an additional Soul Point to spend on top of the normal one per level. The maximum number of points you can spend in a single tree is equal to your current level. If you are level 20, then you can have 20 points in a single tree. This means that your additional points must be spent in one of your other two active Soul Trees.