Display Settings

Go to your Main Menu and select "Settings." You can get there by pressing the ESC key or clicking Main Menu from the icon bar at the bottom left of your screen. From there, click on "Interface" and then "Display."

  • Show Buff Durations - This will toggle the ability to see the remaining time on buffs applied
  • Use raid frames for parties - This will make it so that raid frames are your default display while in a group
  • Fade out buffs that are near expiration - This will make it so that buffs that are about to expire will fade out and in as a warning
  • Show additional player portrait frames & icons - Will make it so that you are able to see unique art for a players portrait, such as the Elite or Raid borders
  • Auto-Add Quest Tracking - When this is checked and you accept a new quest, it will automatically be added to the quests you are currently tracking
  • Show Buff Durations - When this is checked, the time remaining on buffs will be displayed on the buff icons
  • Color Blind - Adds descriptive text to aid people who are color blind
  • Target Highlighting - Controls the glow effect around targeted monsters
  • Your portrait frame - If you have a unique border for your portrait, this option will be available and where you can set your border to Elite or Raid
  • Quest Stickies - Used to modify the number of quests that are available in your quest sticky, with a maximum of 10 quests tracked at one time.
  • RIFT store UI scale(Percent) - When this is checked you will be given the option to change the scale of your RIFT store UI using the sliding bar below
  • Bag UI Scale(Percent) - Uniformly scale all of your bags at the same time.
  • Reset Bag Positions - This will return your bags to their default location on your UI
  • Global UI Scale(Percent) - When this is checked you will be given the option to change the scale of your UI using the sliding bar below
    • When the bar is at 100, this is the normal size of the UI. Sliding the bar down will decrease the size of all the UI elements. Sliding the bar higher will increase the size of UI elements.
  • Reset UI - When clicking this button it will reset all of your UI settings to the default