Item Restoration Requests in RIFT

We will be unable to offer restorations or refunds for mistakes made with items within RIFT and Defiance. This policy will include any and all mistakes made with item in the following, but is not limited to, ways:

  • Item purchased
  • Item sold
  • Item destroyed
  • Item salvaged
  • Item runebroken
  • Item lost
  • Item crafted
  • Item consumed

There are some safeguards within the game that are meant to alleviate issues such as this:

Accidentally Purchased Items

When purchasing an item from a vendor in-game you will have the option to return it for full price if it is not used or equipped and it is within 30 minutes of the original purchase.

Accidentally Sold Items

When selling something to a vendor it will be put into the buyback tab until you relog or zone, up to 20 items can be held in this buyback tab. Items in Defiance will be held until they are replaced by more items, and up to 10 items will be kept in the buyback tab.