Role Play Naming Policies

Our character naming policy for RP shards differs from that for non-RP shards. The following RP-shard naming restrictions, excerpted from a more complete list appearing in the Trion Code of Conduct, allow us to take action against names:

  • Comprised of partial or complete sentences that are obviously out of place (e.g. "Getpwned," "Luvtodance," etc.), though compound names that are fitting of RIFT, its people, the actions taken therein, and its setting are acceptable. Compound names are an important and valid part of every fiction, and ours is no different.
  • That refer to pop culture icons or personas (e.g. "McLovin," "Kylebroflovski," "Catwoman"), which may be found in violation if they do not also have a corresponding basis in RIFT, its people, its history, its characters, or its setting. While we would strongly like the RP experience in RIFT to be more fictionally pure than not, the fictional purity of RIFT is not entirely humorless, and we do not expect every customer to have perfect knowledge of every fiction that exists outside of the game.
  • That utilize "Leet" or "Dudespeak" (e.g., "Roflmao," "Roxxurboxx," "Lolzumad").
  • That incorporate titles in a way that is obviously out of place in Telara. For purposes of this subsection, "titles" shall include without limitation “rank” titles (e.g. "Generalchow," or “Captkangaroo”), monarchist or fantasy titles (e.g. "Kingloko," or "Lordpauleyc"), and religious titles (e.g. "Thepope," or "Reverendrun").

For more information, and for a complete list of naming restrictions that apply to both RP and non-RP shards, please see Section A of the Trion Worlds Code of Conduct here.

A description of our Code of Conduct Violations can be found here. A Role Playing Naming Violation is considered a Minor Violation.