RIFT Chat Commands

Chat commands allow you to join, talk, and filter players you want to talk with. Many chat commands, particularly dealing with chat channels, use a number to specify which channel you want to speak to. Any command with a # sign in it represents the number of the channel you want to address. You can also setup private channels for your friends or guilds to access. These are some examples of commands you can use to setup and manage these private channels.

Basic Chat Commands

<Message> (Sends a message to your guild)
<PlayerName> <Reason> (Creates a note for the ignored player)
<Message> (sends a message to your warfront team)
<PlayerName> <Message> (Sends a private message to the player you specify)
<Message> Automatically replies to the person who just sent you a message
<Message> Sends a message to all players nearby
<Message> Sends a message to all players nearby in a larger radius


To join or invite to a private channel:

/join ChannelName
/chatinvite #OfChannelInvitingTo <PlayerName>

Channel Management

/chatkick #ChannelNumberKickingFrom <PlayerName
/chatban #ChannelNumberBanningFrom
/chatunban #ChannelNumberUnbanningFrom

To leave a channel

/leave #ChannelNumberToLeave

Cross Shard Commands

/tell <PlayerName>@Shard
/ignore <PlayerName>@Shard
/join ChannelName@Shard