Defiance DLC3: 7th Legion Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the 7th Legion weapons and gear?

To access the 7th Legion gear from the 7th Legion vendor or from random drops, you must first purchase the 7th Legion DLC. This will give you access to all 7th Legion weapons as well as the shields and synergy types.


How do I add tabs to my chat window?

You start with two chat tabs on your window, but you may have a total of 4. To add the additional tabs, go to Settings > Chat and set the tab count. You can also customize each tab to show only the chat channels you want.


How do I gain reputation with the 7th Legion?

You can gain reputation with the 7th Legion by completing their daily and weekly contracts, along with participating in Incursions. Only players who have purchased the 7th Legion DLC will be able to obtain reputation via Incursions.


Where can I get the 7th Legion outfits?

The outfits for the 7th Legion are only available in the 7th Legion supply crates. These can be purchased from the 7th Legion vendor at the overpass fast travel point.


How can I reset my weapon mastery, if the mastery is defective?

The Salvage Matrix allows players with broken mastery bonuses to re-roll a new mastery. You can use this feature by placing the weapon in the Salvage Matrix once you have mastered it, then clicking on the Reset Weapon Mastery Points button. This will automatically re-roll your mastery bonus for free and place the item back in your inventory.


What are Incursions, and how do I participate?

Incursions are a type of dynamic event released with the 7th Legion DLC pack. These dynamic events spawn randomly, and requires players to travel to several different locations to eliminate enemy emergencies. The enemy locations will move once all the enemies in an area are defeated, and you can follow the Incursion on your map. Once you have reached the final stage of the Incursion, players can participate in the final siege, and receive rewards at the end based on contribution to the entire Incursion.