Code of Conduct Overview

At gamigo group we strive to create a fun and safe environment for all player's playing our games. We encourage everyone playing our games to act appropriately and with decency. Your first line of defense against chat you do not want to see from other players is to block/ignore them. If you come across a player who you feel is violating any of the below policies and it is continuing even after they are blocked/ignored, please report them and be sure to include as much information as you can.

In all of our games we will offer options for players to interact through chat. We expect player's to behave with a certain level of decency when chatting with others. Explicit language or materials are not suited for chat within our games.

Using hate speech or discriminatory speech of any kind will not be tolerated in any context. Targeted harassment against other players, any person involved with the game or any gamigo group employee will be treated as a violation. Revealing another person's personal information is strictly off limits. Real life threats of any kind are not allowed within our games.

All names within our games are subject to similar rules as our chat. Any name you choose should be appropriate for players of all ages. Any name including or referencing discriminatory or explicit language will be changed.


Unfair Play
Cheating of any kind will result in severe actions being taken against your account. This includes using third-party programs, selling/advertising your account/goods for real world money, botting or gameplay automation of any kind, staff/admin impersonation, distributing cheats, phishing, bug exploitation and any other method to gain an unintended advantage.

We expect all players to attempt to remain on a fair playing field with other people. If you are participating in activities that circumvent this or bypass mechanics in this way, you will not keep access to your account for long. We urge anyone who is thinking about doing any of these activities to reconsider.

For certain games we have specific rules about scamming, that depart from our normal Code of Conduct in which it is a violation in all cases.