Defiance DLC: Gunslinger Trials Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I use the Gunslinger weapons?

The Gunslinger weapons are only available to those who have purchased the DLC pack. This also grants you access to more than 25 Arkbreaker signature weapons, which can be earned from Arkbreaks.

How do I access the Arenas?

Players can access the nine co-op arenas one of two different ways

  • If you've purchased the DLC for Gunslinger Trials, you first must complete the three main Gunslinger storyline mission chains. Once all of the missions have been complete, the arenas will be available from Overpass, Iron Demon Ranch, and Shondu's Consulate.
  • If you haven't purchased the DLC, you can still participate by joining any of the co-op arenas with a friend who's already unlocked the arenas

How can I start the missions once I've purchased the DLC?

The main story missions will be available as soon as you purchase the DLC. The first mission is titled 'Gunslinger Trials: Heir Apparent' and can be found at coordinated 3548,400. If you do not see this quest, log out of the game entirely and log back in. This will refresh your purchase history with the game servers. The Gunslinger missions are available regardless of your progress on the main storyline.

What's the scoring system at the top right of my screen?

We've updated the leaderboards with the Gunslinger update. We use a system that takes all of your actions from damage dealt, healing, and other factors and translates it into a score. Be aware, while you'll get a 'Hard Reset' bonus for stunning a Dark Matter Bulwark, you'll also suffer penalties for extraction and incapacitation.