RIFT Firewall and Router Configuration

It may be necessary to configure both your firewall and your router before trying to play RIFT. The term "firewall" refers to software on your computer that is meant to prevent programs from accessing the Internet without your permission. Whereas a "router" is a device that usually connects between your computer and your cable or DSL modem, and is meant to allow more than one device to connect to the Internet simultaneously.

The proper way to configure your firewall software for playing RIFT is to add the executable files for both the patcher and the game client to the list of allowed programs within the firewall. This can be done in almost all firewall software that is available, including the Windows Firewall, which comes as a standard component of Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. The Windows Firewall can be accessed by entering the Control Panel. When switching the Control Panel view to Classic View, Windows Firewall should appear as its own icon within it.

To allow access to RIFT, configure the Windows Firewall within the Control panel. When the Windows Firewall is open, click the link labeled "Allow another program" button. This will display a list of programs should then appear underneath. You will want to search for "RIFT.exe" or "RIFTpatchpts.exe"

If these programs are both listed, make sure that they are allowed full access. If either one of these files are not listed you will need to add them to the list. You can do this by clicking the "Allow another program" button, and then browsing to the directory which contains the files. The default path for your RIFT install is as follows:

C:\Program Files\RIFT\

Both of these files should be located in that directory.

If you are using third party firewall software such as Norton Internet Security or ZoneAlarm, you will need to add the same files listed above to the list of allowed programs in your third party firewall software as well. You should be able to find instructions on how to do this through the Support site for your security software. The Support sites for the most popular security products are listed below:

Norton Internet Security

McAfee Internet Security


Be aware that the proper instructions for doing this may vary, depending on the version of the firewall software you are using. You will want to make sure that you are finding the instructions for your particular version of your firewall software.

You will also need to properly configured your router for RIFT. If you are troubleshooting issues that may seem to be caused by your router, try removing your router as a troubleshooting step to see if this has any effect on the problem. Please see our Knowledge Base article title "Removing your router" for more detailed information on performing this troubleshooting step.

Firmware updates for routers are most often available from the router manufacturer's website. Below is a list of the most popular router manufacturers and the links to their Support websites:


Cisco / Linksys



You will need to follow the instructions in your router's documentation or on the manufacturer's Support site to update the firmware.

Once your router's firmware has been updated, make sure that the proper ports for RIFT are opened to both incoming and outgoing network traffic. RIFT requires TCP ports 6520 through 6540 for all network traffic related to the game. You should be able to find instructions on how to open these ports in your router through the router's documentation.