Character is frozen or stuck in terrain

If you find your character is stuck in the terrain of the world (geometry), frozen, or otherwise unable to move, please try the following before submitting a ticket:

  • Enter "/stuck" in the chat window and hit 'Enter.'
  • Attempt to enter an Instant Adventure (hotkey for this feature is "."), when you leave the Instant Adventure do not return to your original location.
  • Attempt using soul recall or an item that can assist with teleporting your character, such as Tempest Insignia (from RIFT Store Loyalty) or Brevanic Portal Generator (from Storm Legion Infinity Edition) if they are available to you.
  • If you have the required planar attunement options you could also use one of the teleport spells unlocked by pressing "P" to access your abilities then select your "Ascended Powers" and these teleports can be found within the section labeled "Ascended Teleport"
  • If you attempt the above and your character is still stuck, please click the "?" on your menu to bring up your Customer Support window. Then click the 'Contact GM' tab, from there you will see a button marked, "I'm stuck". Click that button and a GM will respond to that ticket as quickly as possible.