DirectX Diagnostic Tool & Troubleshooting

To download the latest version of DirectX please click here.

Once downloaded, install the patch, and then you should be able to run the game normally.

The DirectX Diagnostic Tool is a utility provided in all versions of Windows that is useful for gaining specific (OS, DirectX, processor, video adapter, audio adapter, and driver version) information on your system's hardware configuration. We ask that you provide us with the results of this check so that we are able to provide specific suggestions in order to help resolve your issue.

You can find instructions on how to run and attach your DxDiag information below.

  • Hold down the Windows key (located to the left and right of your "alt" keys) and pressR on your keyboard. This should open up a run prompt for you.
  • Type DxDiag into that run prompt and click "OK." It generally takes up to 30 seconds for your DxDiag to load.
  • Click "Save All Information" located along the bottom of the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.
  • You will be asked to select a location to which you'd like to save this file. The default location is generally your desktop.
  • Once your DxDiag has been saved you are ready to attach it to your inquiry before submitting it.
  • Click "Browse..." next to the "Attach Documents" field and locate the saved DxDiag file. Once located, click "Open" to add it to your inquiry.
  • You can now click continue to proceed with your inquiry.