Adding a Glyph Mobile Authenticator

We currently offer a mobile authenticator for Android and iOS devices.

You can download them on Google Play (Android) on your smart device. The app is named "Glyph Auth" on the Google Play (Android). You might see it refer as “RIFT Authenticator” in app, however it will work for all Glyph games. 

Follow the below steps to add the mobile authenticator to your Glyph account: 

  1. Open the authenticator app and click Setup 
  2. Navigate to and log into your account 
  3. Click on ADD for the Glyph Mobile Authenticator 
  4. Enter the Serial Key found on the Setup page of the app on your device and the answers to your security questions 
  5. Fill in the Captcha and click Apply Serial Key 
  6. Click Back on the App and then click View Security Code 
  7. Your account is now protected by a Mobile Authenticator, and you will find the codes here for when you attempt to log into any of our games