ArcheAge Pirate Guide

The Pirate faction in ArcheAge is a unique faction that you can belong to if you gather over 3000 infamy points in game. You can acquire infamy points by committing crimes against your own faction such as assault, theft, or murder. Pirates have their own gameplay, rules, and activities that can be fun and exciting for the few players who wish to brave the Pirate lifestyle! Be warned, once you become a Pirate, life is not easy, as you will be faced with many disadvantages in game. The following is true of the Pirate faction in ArcheAge:

  • You will immediately be removed from your non-pirate guild if you are in one. You will also no longer be allowed in any non-pirate guilds, however you may join Pirate only guilds.
  • You will be unable to join non-Pirate groups or raids.
  • Pirates cannot participate in Siege warfare, or claim dominions and castles on Auroria.
  • You will be marked with a wanted debuff, and if killed on the East or West continents you will immediately be sent to jail for a duration of time.
  • You can be attacked at any time by non-Pirate players. They will never be punished for their crimes against you, and in non-PvP zones, you will be unable to fight back.
  • Pirates can build housing anywhere in the world, however remember that you will be attackable, and will be unable to attack back unless it is a PvP zone on any continent besides Growlgate Isle and Auroria.
  • NPCs will be hostile towards you, meaning that most quests and dailies will be closed off to you. You will be unable to complete any quests that require a turn in to an orange or red flagged NPC.
  • Pirates are unable to whisper non-Pirate players, so be careful if you want to still talk to your non-Pirate friends.

While all of this seems discouraging, the Pirate lifestyle is certainly not for all players, or the faint of heart! You will however get the following benefits for being a Pirate in ArcheAge:

  • There are certain quests, items, and a Buff on Pirate island, that are only available to Pirates. Non-Pirate players will never be able to obtain these.
  • You will receive access to Growlgate Isle, the main Pirate hub. Crafting stations and vendors can be found on this Island, as well as additional Pirate only quests. Growlgate Isle is always at war.
  • Pirates are able to kill any other player of other factions with no consequences. There is no crime penalty.
  • If a Pirate is killed on the Sea, on an island, or on Auroria, they will not go to jail for any reason.
  • Pirates leave no evidence of crimes behind, so they cannot be taken to Trial.

How can I stop being a Pirate?
Once you are in the Pirate faction, you will need to lower your infamy to make your way back into the other Factions good graces. There are many community service quests that you can do to lower your infamy, and you will have to get it down to zero before you can rejoin your main faction.

You also have the option of purchasing Draughts of Forgiveness to decrease your infamy points by 100 per item.

Tips for being a Pirate
Being a Pirate can be difficult and require a good amount of planning due to the restrictions placed on your character. To get the best enjoyment out of the Pirate lifestyle, we recommend taking the following tips into consideration:

  • Try to acquire housing on Auroria or Growlgate Isle. Any other location that you place your housing in will cause you to be hostile to other players, allowing them to attack you at any time.
  • Carry resurrect scrolls and ship repair items with you at all times. Being a Pirate can be dangerous, and you may meet the sharp end of a sword on many occasions. Keeping resurrect scrolls on you may prevent you from having to run an undesired distance. Ship repair items will help after long battles on the open seas.
  • Join a guild of fellow Pirates, and party with other Pirates. While going it alone can have its own gameplay style, being in a large group of other Pirates may make your experience much easier, as you can all stick together to perform your skullduggery!
  • Get all of the quests you want completed done BEFORE you become a Pirate. If there is a particular quest chain, or quest reward that you want to obtain, it would be best to do so before crossing over to the Pirate faction. You will be unable to complete quests on the West or East continents after the faction change until all infamy points are lost.
  • Feel free to create an alternate character that is not a Pirate, which can be used to farm or craft for your pirate character, since it will be easier to do so on the East and West continents.
  • Craft a ship! The open seas are your friend as a Pirate, and you cannot sail them without a ship. This is a critical component to a fun Pirate life, so make sure you have one as soon as possible!
  • As always, have fun, and play ArcheAge the way you want to play it! Piracy on the high seas can be very fun, and there is nothing wrong with enjoying ArcheAge as you want, and as it was intended to be played!