Defiance Mission Types Overview

If you have any questions regarding the different types of mission icons that are on your map, please review the following information.

Image Main Mission - These missions represent some of the core storyline in Defiance and will always be available for you to pick up. Completing main missions can include various rewards including Scrip, Weapons, items, and Keycodes.

Image Episode Missions - Episode missions are only available for a short time and commonly involve a special NPC that will show up in town looking for Ark Hunters. Watching the Defiance show can also assist in letting you know when additional Episode Missions will be available. Episode missions are no longer available once the time frame for the event has passed.

Image Side Mission – Side Missions are typically quicker than Main or Episode Missions and reveal more about the world of Defiance. They offer rewards of experience, Scrip, mods, and can help unlock additional Main or Side missions.

Image Hotshot Challenges - Hotshot Challenges give your character a specific weapon in order to score the most points possible within certain parameters. The higher the score, the better the rewards and the better the spot on the leaderboards.

Image Time Trial – Time Trials are races against other Ark Hunter's best time across a set course with differing vehicles per Time Trial. The better your time, the better your rewards and placement on the leaderboards.

Image Rampage - Defend yourself against waves of enemies for as long as possible. Gain more points by killing more enemies and surviving longer than other Ark Hunters. A higher score can lead to better rewards and can place you on the Rampage's leaderboards.

Image Arkfall - The Arks were enormous alien ships that transported the Votans to Earth. During the struggles after the Votans' arrival the Arks were destroyed in near-Earth orbit and their debris created what is known as the Arkbelt. Occasionally, some of this debris enters the atmosphere and plummets to Earth, creating an Arkfall. The alien debris from the Arks frequently includes valuable resources and technology, making it a prime target for Ark Hunters, hellbugs, and other deadly scavengers. Arkfalls appear randomly, either as single meteorites or as a cluster. These can lead to very large, hectic battles depending on the number of players and boss encounters that come with them.

Image Shadow War - While near certain Arktech, you may receive mercenary contracts for the ongoing Shadow War. Those who choose to sign up become what are known as Shadow Operatives, soldiers who work in the "shadows" of Echelon, a private military corporation. Shadow Operatives fill the ranks of two teams who are then directed by Echelon to converge on the fallen arktech, where they must battle to claim the prize. The winners will receive Echelon credits to be used on special gear, weapons, and armor, as well as a ranking on the Echelon mercenary leaderboards.