RIFT Sidekicking

Sidekicking is a system in RIFT that allows you to temporarily boost your character level to match other members of your group. Sidekicking is disabled by default, this can be turned on by right-clicking your character portrait and setting Sidekicking to 'Enabled'.

In order to utilize this system you must group with a higher level player, have Sidekicking enabled, and be in the same zone. This will boost your level up to the level of the highest group member, and improve your stats at the same time. You will get rewards based on your true non-sidekicked level.

In order to ensure no exploitation occurs, we have also added certain limitations to this system:

  • You can only sidekick up to the max level of the zone. These can be found on the world map by pressing 'M'.
  • You cannot bypass level restrictions of zones, dungeons or raids. This includes the Storm Legion zones level restriction of 48 and the Nightmare Tide zones level restriction of 58.