ArcheAge Frequently Asked Questions

What is Patron Status?
Patron Status grants all sorts of game boosts including improved labor regeneration, an experience bonus, the ability to own a house or farm, and loyalty rewards.

What happens to my house once Patron Status ends?
Once your Patron Status has ended, you are unable to pay the taxes that are owed on your housing until Patron Status is active again. Rest assured, that there is a grace period, as once you are late on your tax payments, you have an additional 7 days to pay the taxes.

What happens if I don't pay my taxes?
After 7 days of being delinquent on your taxes, your house will be demolished. Only your storage chest and design will be returned to you. Specific items from chests, any planted items and all furniture within the home will be lost. Customer service is unable to recover these items for you.

What can I buy with Credits?
You’ll be able to purchase all sorts of goods from the in-game store including consumables, unique gliders, costumes, crest design reagents, and more. You can also buy 30 days of Patron time on our website with credits here.

How do I join a Jury?
In order to become an eligible juror you must meet several requirements. Our community has created an article outlining the process here.

Where can I go to get more information about ArcheAge?
There are a few different places you can find information about ArcheAge. You can check out our forums. We have also created a FAQ on our website found here.