ArcheAge Item Fusion Overview

What is Item Fusion?

Item Fusion allows the player to fuse the appearance of one item with the stats of another item.

How do I fuse items?

You will need your stat item, image item, and the proper amount of Fusion Alembic. Once you have these three items, you will need to go to any Blacksmith NPC and select "Fuse the stats with of one item with the appearance of another item." This will bring up the Item Fusion menu. Place the item with the stats you want to keep in the "Stat Item" and the item with the appearance you want in the "Image Item." Once these are in place, you will be shown the amount of Fusion Alembic required, which depends on the items used. After you have the proper amount of Fusion Alembic and have the correct items in the correct places, select 'Change.' You will receive a confirmation screen to confirm you want to fuse the items and reminding you the Image Item will be consumed. Confirm and you will fuse the items together. You now have the desired stats with the desired appearance.

How do I make an Image Item?

You will need to purchase a Fusion Alembic from the store and have an item with the desired appearance. You will use the Fusion Alembic by right-clicking on it and selecting the item you want to convert into an Image Item. Select 'Confirm' on the Item Conversion menu. You will still be able to use the item as usual after converting it until it is applied to another through Fusion.

Where do I get Fusion Alembic?

Fusion Alembic can be purchased in the Marketplace under the 'Custom' tab using Credits.