Farms, Houses, and Ships Overview in ArcheAge

In ArcheAge you can build many different types of ships or buildings. These range from a small garden to a very large mansion. In order to be able to own any land though, you must first be a Patron in ArcheAge.

How do I build a farm or house?

The first thing you need to do once you are a Patron is get a design. For your first garden and farm, you will get them from a quest with the Blue Salt Brotherhood. This questline can be found in Lilyut Hills for Nuia and Tigerspine Mountains for Haranya. All other designs can be purchased in Mirage Isle, which you can access by clicking the large portals found throughout the world. Next you will need to find a location in the world to place your design. There are 3 different types of areas that a house or farm can be placed. If you press 'M' to open your map you can choose to Show Icons for House, Garden, and Aquafarm. Farms and gardens can be placed in Garden areas, houses can be placed in House areas and aquafarms can be placed in Aquafarm areas. Once you find a location to place your design, right-click on it and place it on the ground. There will be a material and gold cost to place the design, which can be found on the tooltip of the design, and you will be charged that when you place it down. Once it is on the ground you own that plot of land, however, for most designs there will be additional building and materials required to complete it.

Every week you have a house or farm in the world you will be charged taxes, which will increase based on the number you own. If you are delinquent on your taxes for more than a week you will lose your house/farm and the design will be returned to you via mail.

How do I build a ship?

This process will be similar to houses and farms, however, there are no taxes or Patron required. Once you have your design, you need to find open and deep enough water off any coast and right-click your ship design to place your dry dock in the water. Your character will need to be very close to the location you are placing your dry dock or it will not work. Once you have placed your dry dock, you will need to collect materials to complete your ship. Once your ship is complete, you will have an item added to your inventory which you can use to summon and de-summon the ship any time you are near water. At this point the dry dock will also be removed.