ArcheAge Vocations (Crafting) Overview

How do I start crafting?

All you need to do is decide which craft you want to start. Open up your Folio by pressing "O" or through the Vocation button on the bottom right. Once you're in your Folio, select a craft and select something you want to create. If you see in the requirements a red number such as one indicating a Proficiency requirement, you will need to pick a different item that you have Proficiency for. Once you have an item you are able to craft, you will need to gather the required materials. Some materials can be crafted while others can be gathered. Once you have your materials, locate a crafting station. Any crafting and housing zone will have the basic crafting stations you can use.

Are there any crafting quests?

There will be many low level quests available for the Blue Salt Brotherhood which can be found in Lilyut Hills on Nuia and Tigerspine Mountains on Haranya. At 50,000 Proficiency in a production profession, you will receive a quest from the Union Manager in this area to craft higher level items to receive a title for your craft. There will also be a questline from the Blue Salt Brotherhood for Trade Packs that will give you a scarecrow garden, donkey and scarecrow farm.

What are Vocation Badges and what are they used for?

Vocation Badges are used as currency at Blue Salt Representative merchants. You can earn them through crafting, farming, gathering, logging, husbandry, mining, or fishing. These badges can be used to purchase items for crafting, gathering and fishing.

How do I raise my Proficiency?

To raise your Proficiency, all you have to do is craft. The more you craft, the more your Proficiency will raise. The higher tiered Proficiency, the lower your Labor costs will be and the more items you will be able to craft.

I've hit 10,000 Proficiency in my craft, why am I not gaining any more Proficiency?

Every 10,000 Proficiency, there is a cap to go to the next tier. When you hit the 10k mark, you will receive a pop-up informing you that you have hit the cap. To go higher, you will need to open your Skills by pressing "K" or the Skills button on the bottom right menu and select Proficiency. To the right of your Proficiency level, you will see an up arrow and a down arrow. Press the up arrow to upgrade your Proficiency. When you are in this window, you will see that it says "rank specializations remaining:" Each 10,000 Proficiency has its own ranking and you will only be able to have a certain amount of Vocation skills at these higher rankings. You can locate how many of each specialization of each rank you have left by mousing over the "?" on the bottom left of the Proficiency window. You can increase the amount of specializations you can have by pressing the "Increase" on the bottom right. This costs a Specialization Snowflake, which can be found at the General Merchant or in the Marketplace.

How do I find out what items can be crafted by a skill?

While in-game you can hit the 'O' key to bring up the crafting folio, which you can see all available recipes by profession or can search for a specific recipe in the top-left corner.