How to Enter the Sea of Drowned Love in ArcheAge

To get into the Sea of Drowned Love, follow the below instructions:

  1. Talk to Archaeologist Burnar on Freedich Isle
  2. Accept the quest 'Shipwreck Omens'
  3. Make your way to the quest location, south of Freedich Isle
  4. Talk to Earthbound Neuma to complete 'Shipwreck Omens'
  5. Talk to Earthbound Neuma to accept the quest 'Witch's Song'
  6. Talk to Earthbound Neuma to complete 'Witch's Song'
  7. Receive Sealed Tsunami Stones as the quest reward
  8. Swim to the nearby Sea of Drowned Love dungeon, marked by an orange portal on your map
  9. Unseal the Sealed Tsunami Stone by right-clicking on it in your inventory
  10. Interact with the orange dungeon portal to enter the dungeon (You must be in a party and have an open Tsunami Stone)