RIFT Account Types and Restrictions

Below you will find the 4 possible account types and the restrictions they fall under.

  1. Guest: Logged into the game using the Guest system which does not require you to input any personal information.
  2. Registered User: You have registered your account, but have not yet gained 1500 Loyalty.
  3. Achieved Loyalty (1500): This level indicates you reached 1500 Loyalty, you will need to re-log once after reaching 1500 Loyalty for it to take effect.
  4. Patron: If you have an active Patron subscription or active Patron status from in-game purchases.
  Registered Account Minimum Loyalty (1500) Patron
Auction House      
Make Bid Yes Yes Yes
Make Buyout Yes Yes Yes
Search for items Yes Yes Yes
Add Item No Yes Yes
Max Coins 5000 Platinum None None
Trade Channel Yes Yes Yes
LFG Channel Yes Yes Yes
General Channel Yes Yes Yes
Private Channel Yes Yes Yes
Private Messages (/tell) No Restrictions No Restrictions No Restrictions
Max Skill No Limit No Limit No Limit
Buy Yes Yes Yes
Max Rarity Equip No Limit No Limit No Limit
Locked Zones No Limit No Limit No Limit
Graveyard Location No Limit No Limit No Limit
Deposit in GBank Yes Yes Yes
Withdrawl from GBank Yes Yes Yes
Repair using GBank Yes Yes Yes
Move & Split items in GBank Yes Yes Yes
Buy or Rename GBank tabs Yes Yes Yes
Create Yes Yes Yes
Leader Autopromotion No Yes Yes
Create Guild Dimensions Yes Yes Yes
Send Mail Yes Yes Yes
Accept COD Yes Yes Yes
Extract Items Yes Yes Yes
Login Queue      
Priority for Login queue Slower Queue Slower Queue Faster Queue
Can Trade Yes Yes Yes
Level Cap No Limit No Limit No Limit