ArcheAge Gliders Overview

Where do I get my first glider?

The first permanent glider available to players to earn in game is the Experimental Glider. The quests that award this glider can be found below:

  • Nuia (Continent) - Lilyut Hills (Zone) - Red's Riders (Quest)
  • Haranya (Continent) - Tigerspine (Zone) - Evacuation Protocol (Quest)

I can't find my glider, where did it go?

When you use a glider it will be equipped to your trade pack slot, the slot that is used for any equipment that goes on your back. If you open your character window by pressing 'C' you will find the equipment slot in the bottom right, below your Lute.

There is also a quest around level 5 for Firran players called Fleeing Whisperwind which provides a temporary glider. Once you land, you will no longer have access to this glider.

How do I use my glider?

There are several ways you can deploy your glider once you have equipped it. You can drag the glider itself to your action bars and click it any time you want to summon your glider. If you have the glider equipped, you can also use the skill 'Use Glider' which can be found in the Basic section of your Skills book. Finally, there is an option that you can turn on where you will summon your glider if you double-tap your 'jump' key. You can find this option if you press ESC and select 'Options', and then 'Functionality.' From there, make sure you have 'Double-Tap Jump to Deploy Glider' checked and click 'Apply.'

How can I tell if my glider is equipped?

When you equip your glider, it will be removed from your bags and added to your equipment, similar to a normal piece of gear. It can be found in the trade pack slot of your character window, which you can open by pressing 'C'. If you want to see it on your actual character in game, you will need to modify some settings by following the below steps:

    1. Press 'ESC' to bring up the Menu
    2. Click on 'Options'
    3. Select 'Game Info' and scroll to the bottom
    4. Make sure you have 'Show glider while wearing wardrobe items' checked
    5. Make sure you have 'Back Slot Display Priority' checked
    6. In the dropdowns, make sure Gliders is set for '1 Priority'
    7. Click 'Apply'


You should now see your glider on your back any time you have it equipped.