Protecting your Glyph Account

Below you will find some information and tips to assist with protecting your account.

Some ways to protect yourself include:

  • Make sure your game password is different from the other passwords you use for any other MMOs, social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc...), and your email account.
  • Never give your account password (or any other passwords, for that matter) to anyone.
  • Add the mobile authenticator to your account.
  • Update your operating system often with the latest updates concerning security or vulnerability issues.
  • Change your account password at least once every three months.
  • Use a complicated password structure (number, extended characters and mixed case) at least seven characters long.
  • Install anti-virus software. Keep it active on your system and ensure you always have the most up-to-date virus scanning files.
  • Run virus scanning software on any files you are about install.
  • Install anti-spyware software. Spyware is programming that is put in someone's computer to secretly gather information about the user and relay it to advertisers or other interested parties, including hackers.
  • Install a firewall on your system.
  • Install a port monitor.
  • Never accept files from people you do not know and trust.
  • Avoid downloading programs from unfamiliar sources.
  • Avoid downloading programs from sources that do not provide some way of reaching them should something with the download go wrong.
  • Use caution when giving out your instant message ID(s).
  • Use caution when accessing instant message and chat programs.
  • Do not name your characters the same as your user name or login ID.
  • Do not visit suspicious websites
  • Be wary of phishing. Phishing is one of the most common ways people will attempt to gain access to your account. People who are phishing will attempt to get your account information without your solicitation at all. No one from Trion Worlds will ever request your password.
  • Gold sellers or power leveling services are responsible for a large percentage of the stolen accounts. They will utilize the information you provide on their website to take control of and strip your account. These websites will also often install keyloggers onto your computer. Players who buy gold actively support spam, hacks, and key loggers, and by doing so diminish the gameplay experience for everyone else.

Securing your system

Anti-virus Software

Anti-virus software is a type of program that scans a computer's memory and storage space to identify and eliminate viruses. The following is a list of popular Anti-virus programs that can be obtained to help protect yourself and your personal information.

Anti-Spyware and/or Anti-Malware

Both Spyware and Malware are unwanted and malicious software which are designed to slip onto a computer without the user's knowledge. Both of these computer programs are used to steal information secretly from the computer they are installed on. They are both forms of Computer Viruses and should be avoided through the use of protective computer Anti-Spyware and/or Anti-Malware software. The following is a list of popular Anti-Spyware and Anti-Malware programs that can be obtained to help protect yourself and your personal information.

Note: Many anti-spyware programs will periodically issue software updates. Please make sure your anti-spyware programs are up-to-date before beginning your scan.