Unable To Progress Quest In RIFT

To determine the issue accurately, please be sure to fully read the quest as there may be additional information or clues in the text of the quest that will help you complete it. 

If you are still unable to complete the quest, you can try the following steps: 

  1. Open your quest log and abandon the quest. 
  2. Return to the NPC that originally offered the quest. 
  3. Pick the quest back and attempt it again. 

If at this point you are still unable to complete the quest, we suggest checking out the quest section of our forums, “Adventures in Telara” .

If you feel the quest is bugged, please submit a bug report through the bug report system on the forum here. In order to ensure that this information is properly logged and investigated by our QA team, please use the following steps and submit to the appropriate language section on the forum: 

  • Time: When did this issue occur? Please be as specific as possible. If it happens repeatedly, please include that information as well. 
  • Context: Where did you find this bug? Was it in a specific zone? Which one? If the bug is with a costume, which specific costume? The more details you provide, the more quickly we'll be able to replicate the issue. 
  • Game Details: What are the name(s) of any involved quest/NPC/item/zone? Please attempt to provide exact names as shown in-game.
  • Character Details: What level is your character? What class is your character? And which shard is the character on? 
  • Expected Outcome: In one sentence, what did you expect to happen? For example: "I used my used crafting lure to open a crafting RIFT." 
  • Observed Outcome: In one sentence, what really happened? For example: “Nothing happened, but the Lure disappeared.” 
  • Repro Steps: Most importantly, if possible, please include a list of specific steps we can take to reproduce this issue on our end. These steps need to be something we can reproduce on a new character, not isolated to your character only. 
  • Image/Video Documentation: often the most useful information we can get for bugs will be screenshots or video documentation of the bug occurring. You can attach any unedited full screen screenshots, and short videos via the Additional Options > Attachments > Manage Attachments.