RIFT Instant Adventures

What are instant adventures?

Instant adventures are quests that you can complete with a group of friends. You can access the Instant Adventure queue by pressing "." this will give you the option to join a random instant adventure once you have reached level 10.

These involve many different kinds of quests and some are specific to the instant adventures. You may be asked to defend wardstones from invaders, defeat powerful creatures, or even have to defend the zone from a zone event as well as many normal quests that have been expanded to incorporate a large amount of players. The difficulty on these quests will actually scale with the amount of players in the group.

Intrepid vs Instant Adventures
There are 2 types of adventures, Intrepid and Instant, which each focus on different areas to adventure in. Instant Adventures are quests found out in the open world, in many different zones and a variety of level ranges. Intrepid Adventures are quests found in special instances of dungeons/raids such as Hammerknell, to give all players a chance to experience some of the lore of the high level raids.

Can I join adventures for a specific zone?
In most cases you will be unable to queue for a specific zones adventure quests. You will have a chance to get sent to that zone when queueing for Instant Adventures. Certain times we will have a Featured Adventure queue, that will allow you to queue up specifically for the featured zone or featured type of adventure.

What kind of rewards come from instant adventures?
Each day you will get 14 bonuses for adventures that will give you bonus experience for each adventure quest completed. These bonuses do not apply to the randomly rewarded items. At the end of each adventure you will have a chance to receive some planar currency or a random equipment item. These item drops are not guaranteed upon the completion of any adventure.