Mislooted items requests in RIFT

I accidentally rolled on and won an item my character can't use; can I give it to another player?

If you've accidentally rolled on an item that you meant to give to another party member, you can trade this to another player in your group whose character comes from the same shard as you.

To tell if an item is eligible to be traded, find it in your inventory and hover over it with your mouse. If the item is eligible to be traded, you will see the amount of time remaining on the tooltip.

Unfortunately, you cannot trade an item you rolled on (and won) to another party member from a different shard. Please be cautious when choosing need, greed, or pass on any item drop.

I accidentally rolled on and won an item my character can't use, but I was unable to trade the item to another player.

When a player in a party loots an item by mistake, that item is a mislooted item. GMs may transfer mislooted items that have not been equipped to another player as long as the recipient was a member of the party when the item was awarded.

Only the player currently in possession of the item may make the request to have it transferred. Any item reassignment request must be submitted within 2 hours of when the item was awarded to the party. After that time, the item cannot be reassigned to another player.

When making a request to transfer a mislooted item to another character, please include the following:

  • The name of the character with the mislooted item
  • The name of the character to whom the item will be given
  • The name of the item
  • When the item was awarded
  • Where the item was awarded

Please be aware that attempting to deceive a GM is a violation of the Code of Conduct and may result in action taken on the account.