Instructions for Transferring a Guild

To transfer a guild, the character must be the guild’s current leader, and the below requirements must be fulfilled: 

  • Guild Bank must be empty. 
  • Guild Tithing must be turned off. 

Note: If you have left your guild by accident, please contact Customer Support. 


Getting started with the transfer 

  1. Log in to RIFT with the character who is the guild’s current leader. (Please note that you must be eligible for a regular character transfer to successfully move both character and guild). 
  2. During the character transfer process, you will be asked if you wish to transfer the guild WITH your character. (At this point, if you decline to take the guild with your character, and then complete the transfer, you will be dropped from your guild and the next-highest ranking member will be automatically promoted to leader as soon as your transfer is complete.) 
  3. If you agree to take your guild with your character, the game will verify whether or not your current guild name is available on the destination shard. If it is not, you will be prompted to select a new name in order to proceed. 
  4. You will be presented with a confirmation box allowing you to review your choices, at which time you can cancel or make changes. Cancelling, up to this point, will not affect your character or guild. 
  5. To proceed, type “transfer” in the applicable text box, and then click on the “Transfer” button. 
  6. The transfer itself should only take a few seconds to complete. However, once the process is initiated, you will be unable to log in to your character until it is complete. 


Additional Notes: 

  • Characters transferring after you move the guild to its new shard will be automatically re-added as members. These characters will be re-invited to the RECRUIT level but can be promoted to their old (or any other) rank. 
  • If you are in a guild that transfers, you need to stay in the guild on your "old" shard before you transfer to the "new" guild shard. 
  • You will lose any progress in a saved dungeon or instance by transferring shards and will not be able to progress until the weekly reset. 
  • You should still be able to pull up the guild window (press 'G' by default) and see a window that has your roster of characters still on your shard and a message at the top that says where your guild went. If you do not see this, you will not be able to follow your guild.