Combat Settings in RIFT

First go to the Options menu (Esc) and select "Settings", you can also get here by  clicking "Main Menu" from the Icons located at the bottom-left of your screen. Then click on Interface, followed by Combat.

This section allows you to change the settings that are directly involved in combat.

  • Auto Self-Cast - Any time you cast a beneficial spell and do not have a friendly player or NPC targeted, then the spell will be cast on yourself
  • Sticky Targeting - If your character seems to lose selection on targets easily during combat, try out the Sticky Targeting. This is to help alleviate de-selection by locking your targets.
  • Cast on target's target - All spells you cast will be cast on the target of your current target
  • Smart Target - Automatically find a valid target for an ability
  • Show Target of Target - the target of your current target will be visible as an additional unit frame
  • Show only my buffs on target and party members - Only your buffs will be shown on target and party members
  • PvP auto flag - Automatically flags PvP when taking a PvP action
  • Ignore Duel Requests - When turned on, you will automatically ignore all duel requests and will not receive a prompt for the challenge.
  • Target Nearest in Front of Player - "Target nearest enemy" and "target nearest friendly" keybinds will select the closest targets in front of you.
  • Recast Ground Channels - Allow channeled, ground-targeted spell casts to interrupt the current cast.
  • Show only my debuffs on the target - Only your debuffs will be shown on the target.
  • Show raid member tooltips in combat - Show tooltips for raid members while in combat
  • Hide other players' hit FX - Hide particle effects played when other players' abilities hit their target
  • Self-cast modifier key - Choose a key that will cause you to cast your chosen spell on yourself regardless of current target