Guild Rename Scrolls

We have added the functionality to our system to assist with guild renames, at this time they can be purchased through the in-game store. These scrolls  can be purchased by any player, but they can only be utilized to change a guild name if you have the "Rename Guild" permission. The character on which this item is purchased will be the character who receives the "Rename Guild Scroll", which is provided via in-game mail.  

This item is soulbound and can not be given to any other character. Once you receive the scroll through the mail and right-click to cosume it, you will be prompted by a popup box to rename your guild. It will have your current guild's name, which you can modify to any name you choose that is appropriate and available. Once you choose a new name and click "OK" your guild will be renamed.

If you make an error with your guild rename scroll, contact in-game support within 24 hours of it being used; we are happy to investigate this matter, however please know all purchases are final.