Combat Pets Overview

What is a combat pet?

Some people prefer to walk the planes of Telara alone or with the company of other Ascended, but a chosen few are gifted to walk with a companion to fight at their side.
Each class has at least one soul available that includes the ability to summon a pet:

  • Cleric – Druid Soul
  • Mage – Necromancer, and Elementalist Souls
  • Rogue – Ranger Soul
  • Warrior – Beastmaster Soul

Each pet soul will be tailored to best suit the class that it belongs to. They each function differently, but there are a few characteristics that remain common for all pets.

Summoning and dismissing your pet:

Your pet will be available at rank 1, and you will have a summon ability that will call them forth. You will always be able to find this in your abilities window, under the soul the pet belongs to.
Under each soul, you will have a section for Pet Summoning. In Pet Summoning, you have the options to summon you pet and dismiss your pet. These actions can be added to your action bar(s) for quick use.

Pet Actions:

  • Each pet has their own action bar and every pet shares six basic actions, 3 Commands and 3 Stances.
    • Commands:
      • Attack: This command will tell your pet to attack your target.
      • Follow: This command will tell your pet to follow you.
      • Stay: This command will tell your pet to stay where you are currently standing.
    • Stances:
      • Aggressive: This stance will allow your pet to attack any aggressive mob without your command.
      • Defensive: This will have your pet attack anything that you attack or anything that attacks you.
      • Passive: This stance will have your pet be non-combative with mobs that you attack unless told to do so with the Attack command.

You will also find your pet’s class specific actions on this bar and they are automatically set to be used. You can turn of the auto-use of your pet abilities by right clicking on the action.

Leveling your Pet:

The majority of the time, your pet will level right along your side without additional training. At certain levels, you will need to visit your trainer to Rank up your Summon ability, so that the pet can reach a higher level.

  • If your pet is too low of a level, it will be indicated by a down arrow on the pet’s portrait.

There are also different variations of a pet based on its level. Some souls will have pets that have a lesser version and a greater version.

  • Lesser pets will have a level cap while the Greater version will level up to 50 along with your character.

Renaming your pet:

Many of the Ascended give their pets a name of their own. To rename your pet, right-click on your pet’s portrait, located under your own portrait and click Rename.
This will pop up a box that says “Please enter a name for your pet” where you can enter a new name.
Select a name you wish your pet to have and click ok.

Each soul also has unique abilities that allow you to heal, instantly summon, use your pet as a resource, and much more! Be sure to explore these abilities and become familiar with them, and surely you and your pet with prosper in your Telaran adventures!

Getting new Pet Skins:

Many combat pets also have alternate skins available in the RIFT Store. You can find them in the Pets category, under Combat Pet Skins. Any skin you purchase will be unlocked for all characters on your account, however you may need to relog for this to occur. Once you have purchased the pet skins, you can switch to them by following the below steps:

  • Summon your pet normally
  • Open your character window by pressing "C"
  • Click on the Pet tab on the left-hand side of the character window
  • Along the bottom of the pet UI you will then see the skins available to you

Many of the pet skins come in packs which include pet skins for your Lesser pets as well, not just Greater.