Ascend-A-Friend Overview

Ascend-a-Friend is a system that allows you to refer friends to RIFT, and receive rewards based on future purchases they make. You can invite players directly from your account management page found here. You can also access the Ascend-a-Friend UI in-game; on the menu bar click on Social and then Ascend-a-Friend.

Referred Players

When you receive a referral link from another player, you simply click on the link and then follow the steps to create your account. Once that is done, your account will be linked to the referring player. On your next log in your will receive the following rewards:

  • Ability to summon the referring player (right-click player's portrait while grouped)
  • 25% experience bonus when grouped and near the referring player
  • A free 16-slot bag
  • A rune that imbues your weapon with a special glow
  • A stunning cloak
  • A unique title - "The Chosen"

Referring Players

Once you have referred players, you can check on their linked status by checking the Linked accounts section of the Ascend-a-Friend page found here. Any time one of your linked friends spends money in RIFT you will receive Referral Coins. These coins can be spent in the Referral Rewards section of the RIFT Store. All of the rewards from the old Ascend-a-Friend system can be found here, along with a lot of new rewards. Accounts that were linked in the old system will still be linked in this new system, but old purchases will not be converted into Referral Coins.