Accessing the Storm Legion Zones and Tempest Bay

With Storm Legion we have added new zones called Pelladane and Cape Jule, along with a new major city called Tempest Bay.

To get to the new zones, you'll need to first reach level 50. At that point, you can go to Meridian for Defiants or Sanctum for Guardians. Directly next to the Porticulum you will find the NPC called 'Empyrean Commader' and they will offer you the quest 'Storm Legion'. This quest will lead you into the Storm Legion continents Brevane and Dusken.

In order to get to this city the first time you will need to speak to either Captain Lok Okupilo at the docks in Tulan in Cape Jule or Artifex Abaton at the Tuldio Retreat in Pelladane.

Once in Tempest Bay you will find a porticulum, which can be used for future travel to and from Tempest Bay