Defiance General Information FAQ

The new world of Defiance can be a bit overwhelming at first and we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers to help you get started on the new frontier.

  • What is Defiance?
  • Defiance takes place in San Francisco after Terraformation has occurred. You will be playing the role of an Ark Hunter, whose job description includes locating Arkfalls to harvest Ark Tech and other resources. Along the way you will discover enemies in many forms.
  • What Languages does Defiance support? 
  • Defiance will be supported in English, German and French
  • How much hard drive space is needed to install Defiance on my console?
  • The Defiance base installation on consoles requires 10GB of free space on your hard drive. This includes space reserved for future patches.

    An additional 10GB of space will be required for future DLC, including our Season Pass package. For more information on forthcoming DLC, please visit our website locatedhere.
  • What Races can I play in Defiance?
  • Your character creation, you will have the option to select from either Male/Female Human or Male/Female Irathient.
  • What classes can I play?
  • Currently there are 4 main classes that a player can choose from, Veteran, Survivalist, Outlaw, Machinist. Each of these classes does provide an initial weapon type once beginning with the character, such as Shotgun, Sniper, LMG, or Assault Rifle. However, once you find yourself in the world of Defiance, you can easily pick up any weapon using any class and work on increasing your character's proficiency with that weapon to become more precise with that weapon type.
  • Is there Player vs Player Combat in Defiance?
  • Yes, players will have the ability to take part in PvP matches where players will face off with other Ark Hunters using similar technologies. Players will also be able to queue for Shadow War, which is a PvP capture style match held in an open world location and sponsored by Echelon Mercenaries.
  • Will I be able to customize gear or weapons in Defiance?
  • Players will be able to locate different pieces of gear by running Co-op maps, completing pursuits and other in-game locations. Pieces of clothing can be located in many areas, then used to be applied to a character. Weapons will also be located running Co-op maps and from enemies located around the world, and will be dropped upon killing enemies. These weapons can then be modified depending on the slots that a particular weapon might have available. Attaching mods such as larger magazines, better barrels and sights can help to increase the lethality of a weapon.
  • Will there be Clans or Guilds in Defiance?
  • Yes, players will have the ability to create a clan of their own to invite members or they can accept an invite into any other clan that might already be active.
  • Does Defiance have Factions? 
  • Defiance has different Races, however, there are no clear lines. Some mutant races can be dangerous, while other humans can be just as dangerous. Initial races available for a player will be the Human or Irathient races. Players will be able to locate different Factions, however, these Factions are powered by influential business owners that rely on the services of Ark Hunters. Examples would be Von Bach Industries and Echelon Mercenaries. Running Contract missions that become available for each Faction could help in being able to purchase special items using Faction currencies.
  • What are these effects listed on my weapon and how do I use them?
  • There are different weapons that can be located in Defiance. These weapons can come with a special ability that has a chance to activate an elemental damage of some type. If you have any questions on what an elemental weapon may do, you can open your Inventory using "I" on the keyboard or (Start, then using RB and LB for Xbox or R1 and L1 for PS3) to review your character's inventory. Here you can scroll down to select a specific item and see details on its effects. A list of elemental effects can be found below.

    Electrical - Stuns enemies, has the chance to disable player HUD
    Incedniary - Applies a fire DoT effect for players and NPCs
    Radiation - Breaks the players or enemies shield dealing more damage to the target
    Bio - Slows down target's movement
    Syphon - Applies upon proc and returns health back to the shooter, works for players and NPCs
  • How will looting work?
  • Every player will get their own individual loot. This means that you can never have your hard earned loot taken from you!
  • Where can I find Vendors in Defiance?
  • You can locate vendors scattered around Defiance. These vendors look like large metal containers, which allow you to walk up and interact with them, and can be found typically in friendly strongholds. Most vendors can be seen when you open the world map. Placing your map cursor over any specific vendor on the Map will provide you with information on what type of items the vendor sells, such as Mods, Weapons or Lock Boxes.

    Most vendors in-game will allow a you to pay for their goods with Scrip. However, some vendors require specific currency rewarded by completing 'Contracts' in order to purchase stronger items. Completing contracts for different Factions, such as Von Bach Industries or Echelon Mercenaries allows you to earn their faction currency that can be used at their faction specific vendors.

    You will also find that vendors provide different special items which go on sale at different times. Different items are offered to players randomly from these Vendors.
  • Can I link multiple Platforms to one Trion Worlds Account?
  • Once you have created a Trion Worlds account, a player can use this one account to have multiple Platform accounts tied to it. So you can have one Trion Worlds account tied to a Playstation, Xbox, and PC account.