Character Rename Scrolls

We have added the functionality to our system to assist with character renames. These renaming scrolls can be purchased through the in-game store. The character that it is purchased on will be the character that receives the "Rename Character Scroll" which will be sent to your character through the in-game mail. This item is soulbound and cannot be given or traded to any other character. Once you receive the scroll you can and right-click it to consume it, this will prompt your character to choose a new name on your next login. When you next attempt to login to that character you will be given a popup with a box to fill in your new name. Type the name you want to use and then click ok, from that point on your character will now be named the name you chose.

If you make an error with your character rename scroll, contact in-game support within 24 hours of it being used, and we are happy to investigate the matter; however please know all purchases are final.